Monday, July 6, 2009


Here are some more photos from that wonderful day, already a week ago...

The Community Mural's beginning.

Janis Ambrosiani, Community Mural chair/ Owner, Walls With a View

After Rich James (original Mural chair) passed,
Janis took on the tasks of designing the annual mural, stocking the paint, brushes and needed supplies, selling squares, overseeing the painting, applying the protective coat after,
AND finding a spot for it to hang.
PHEW! That's a LOT of work!!
Thank you Janis and your volunteer crew!

The 2009 Community Mural

Almost done... Keep your eye out in the neighborhood to see where it ends up!

Mayor Jerry Sanders serving his people
at the Shades Committee Chili booth.

Cox Business, OB Street Fair sponsor
We wish to extend a huge THANK YOU to Cox Business for their loyal sponsorship.
Their support provides the FREE Old Town trolley that transported over 1,000 riders between their vehicles and the fair on Street Fair day.

The OB Historical Society booth.

An awesome organization that preserves and educates the public about our past.
Check them out to learn more about the history of Ocean Beach.

Barbara Iacommeti, OB Street Fair committee chair/
Owner, Details SalonSpa

Barbara chaired the street fair committee for the first time this year...
she was AMAZING!!
She was on the street by 2am and didn't leave until 10.30 street fair night!

"I wanted to watch it all unfold," she said.
"I wanted to know how every aspect of the fair gets put together."

I shot this photo of her early in the morning thinking she would be crabby later on...
I was wrong. She kept her smile all day.
When she finished at the end of the day she said she'll chair the committee again next year. Yay!!

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